Vaccination Controversy

Recently there has been a huge outrage regarding the need whether or not to vaccinate our children. Those who are on the Don't Need to side are claiming that vaccinations lead to autism and other possible diseases despite concrete scientific evidence. Many others are for the vaccinations and state their reasoning as they prevent the deaths of countless diseases dating back for over a hundred years.

Numerous doctors and scientists have taken notice to the recent surge in popularity this topic has generated and social media has played a huge part in that. Since mediums such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy to share any kind of information it can often be hard to discern if what you're reading is actually factual or not.


Flu Shots are Still a Good Idea

Influenza Virus Vaccine

In recent news it has been said that this year's current flu shot has been deemed ineffective against the deadly version that has mutated affecting many small children. Despite this factual statement, scientists and health officials are still promoting the flu shot as it is effective against other variants of the virus. As the old saying goes, it's better to be protected than not at all.

February is American Heart Month

GO RED! This month is American Hearth Month and the American Heart Association is promotion good heart and health awareness across the nation. Make sure to check out your local doctor's office, pharmacy or drug store and see what you can do to lend a helping hand.

Influenza Virus Vaccine