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Our product is an online shopping environment that will offer a variety of firearms including antique and collectibles that are hard to come by. We will also offer a flowchart that will guide a nontraditional gun buyer in the process from start to finish, ensuring that they are provided with all of the necessary information needed to purchases online safely and legally, thus alleviating any frustration or confusion for the customer.

The opportunity here is to provide a way to address an issue that has not been addressed in the online firearms shopping community. Many online firearms sites use a dated aesthetic along with crowded navigation and overpopulated pages which can deter many customers who may have no idea how the process works. Some pages have written paragraphs in attempt to explain the process, but much like trying to argue with someone via text messages, miscommunication is easy when it comes to text on the screen. We will provide a visual guide, a flowchart, if you will, that will easily lead the end user through this process and allow them to get the greatest understanding of the process as possible.

We are setting out to develop an online shopping experience that is geared towards an untapped market of nontraditional gun buyers while simultaneously accommodating the traditional buyers and collectors with are more streamlined userĀ­ experience and inventory of items.

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