Who am I?
a designer. a front-end developer. an artist. a father. a photographer. a creator. a left-hander. a problem solver.


Complimentary Colors - Zachary Price Web Design

Complimentary colors was another project that I created for my color theory class. As the title says this project was to create something displaying complimentary colors.

What's very cool about this site is that it is written entirely in HTML5 and CSS3. There are ZERO images on this website. The Yin & Yang are created using nothing but background colors and border colors and radii. It's a very creative CSS3 technique and I based my designed off of Chris Coyier's Shapes of CSS article.

This site is best seen using a modern web browser such as Google Chrome.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MacBook Pro & iMac