Who am I?
a designer. a front-end developer. an artist. a father. a photographer. a creator. a left-hander. a problem solver.


Free State Armory - Zachary Price Web Design

Continuing along with my never-ending pursuit to enhance my Adobe Illustrator skills came this logo for Free State Armory. FSA is a small gun store that specializes in antique collectibles as well as modern hand guns and revolvers. After an in-depth analysis of different user groups and possible customer types I was able to determine a good range of what my target audience would be.

Having that information is key when designing for a company because it allows me to create art that is personal to them in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. I like to try and put something of my client into the work that I create and when they notice then that's a feeling that's truly wonderful.

This logo is one of my favorite logos by far and this project was very fun to be a part of.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MacBook Pro & iMac