Who am I?
a designer. a front-end developer. an artist. a father. a photographer. a creator. a left-hander. a problem solver.


Dustin Lewis Images - Zachary Price Web Design

In 2009 I was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, otherwise known as the hottest inhabited place on Earth. While I was out there I kept in touch with friends and family back home and thankfully had a decent enough wifi connection to video chat with them. I was able to continue practicing my design skills and a friend of mine was just starting his professional business. What he was lacking though was an identity, a brand if you will. So I offered my services in order to help him get himself up and running.

Thankfully he accepted my offer and for the next few weeks we were able to communicate back and forth to discuss details, send sketches, make revisions, and so on. Eventually this lead to the image above and it's one of the best logo's that I have ever made. Dustin absolutely loved it and was very excited to receive it and I was happy to do it for him.

Doing a lot of these logos has really helped me increase my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and because of that I am now a hug advocate for the software.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MacBook Pro & iMac